Friday, October 06, 2006

Espresso and more

So, having a baby around the house seems to have caused me to develop an addiction to espresso. I may have to change the mindset of Ralph's Place from an alcohol-centric bar to a coffee bar. You know what would be great? An espresso/sports bar, in which you were able to accept bets on games. I'd love to have a bunch of wired people placing bets. They'd probably be smarter than drunks, however, or would they? Either way, if you just took a cut on the bets and let someone offshore handle the bookmaking... well I guess that's all illegal now, but it could be the beginnings of a plan.

Has anyone out there ever owned an espresso machine? I think I remember somebody telling me they had, but that it was very hard to make your own good espresso. Starbucks, for all the bad shit you can say about them, does make a killer espresso. My hat is off to them for that. I had about six cups of their ground French Roast, brewed here today, can you tell? and I'm still jonesing for a latte.

In addition to the espresso bar, I have this vision for a book I'm working on, which I've written about 50 rough draft "chapters" for. It basically involves the ramblings of an existensialist middle-class would-be poet like myself. Here's my latest. (My lyrical work is somewhat modeled after Jack Kerouac's Mexico City Blues, where he fancies himself a bluesman blowing his horn in a session - with his words being his riff:

My wife is pretty sexy...
I like to rub her shoulders
help her to relax.
Let out her deep breaths
Watch her chest heave up and down
feel the softness of her breasts.

We just had our third child.
A beautiful little boy
so strong and tough
but still a baby of course,
babies are tough like that
solid little monkies

Now I’m chasing my wife around the house
wanting to make love
grab her and bed her down
and all that kind of stuff

and she rebuffs me and I fight back
too soon she says
but I can see from the twinkle
that she wants it too

lovely little lady
long limbed, full-lipped
enveloping mine like a flower in full bloom
swallowing the pollen that my insect
mouth brings to her
like the good Catholics that we are.



Feeback, criticisms are appreciated.


Stan Langerhaus said...

I just happened to pass by Ralph's Place and holy cow! That Ralph is a horny bastard! Anyway, I suppose the book idea is good stuff. Maybe through a little bit of the Gingerman into relationship to add a little tension.

P.S. I have an espresso machine. I highly recommend them to those who enjoy the drink, because compared to about 15 trips to Starbucks, the machine in your house pays for itself. But make sure you get one with the steam sprayer so that you can make cappuccinos also.

Emma said...

I have an espresso/cappuccino machine. I love it. I can make foam so thick you could stand on it. Mmmmmm. If you get one, get your own bean grinder, too. You need very finely ground beans for good espresso. And don't cheap out on the coffee beans or your end product will suck.

Ralph said...

So, it sounds like good espresso can be made at home. That's a good start.