Wednesday, October 18, 2006


So, have you ever drank absinthe before? Apparently, it's a big drink here in the Czech Republic. I think I remember Hemmingway drinking it in The Sun Also Rises. I had a couple shots tonight. Pretty interesting stuff. Supposed to be a hallucingen. You decide. Maybe only a couple shots haven't caused me to see much.

Anyway, the way you drink it, here at least, is that you put a bunch of sugar on a spoon, you dip the spoon in the absinthe, which is really high in alcohol conent, and then you light the sugar on fire. I tried this last night for the first time and thought I was going to burn the bar down. Anyway, tonight, I managed to somewhat convince five other people to come out with me for a shot, and we were more successful. We also ordered a hookah for good measure. Anyhow, after you let the spoon full of sugar burn for awhile (it looks like you basing or something), you blow it out and plunge it into your shot glass full of blue colored absinthe. You stir it around and then down it quickly. It has a strange effect. Seems to counteract the alchohol. Anyhow, I'm.. I just thought I'd tell you about that, as I had a couple shots tonight.

Cheers from Czech Republic.



Stan Langerhaus said...

Absinthe? Man, Ralph you are really doing the whole European experience. You should pick up some more Henry Miller and Anais Nin books after you get back.

Ralph said...

Just completed a long discussion with a Munich-based scholar on the causes for WWI and WWII from the German standpoint. Fascinating stuff. Throw in the fact that this gentleman had done a lot of research on the U.S. Civil War and American slavery, and well, it got pretty heavy... I think that sort of thing furthers my European experience as well. I feel like I have gained some real historical perspective. Good mind share... I guess.

Jim Lichtenwalter said...

Ralph, sounds as if you are living on the hog! Having some flaming drinks and a hookah! Life is good !!

The book the "Rise and Fall of the 3rd Reich" was excellent, even though it was over 1,000 pages.

Great to hear you had such a good trip!

I loved the last set of photos...

Anonymous said...

lol, that's the first time i've been called a scholar :)
that was a great conversation though (admittedly heavy at times - the booze didn't help),
thanks for that, Ralph, was good to meet you, keep up the good work!