Monday, October 16, 2006

Prague Post

So, I finally made it over here to the Czech Republic and the reason I think the movie European Vacation holds up so well, is because it's based on true stuff. For example, there's a safe in the room and I've managed to lock my camera and walkman in there with no clue how to open. For example, we spend a half hour wandering around downtown looking for "Old Towne" supposedly the big tourist attraction here and nobody seemed to know where it was. Anyways, when we did find it, we had dinner in a great outdoor beer garden with heat lamps. Drank the local brew and listen to the big stone town clock chiming behind us. Lot's of great stone buildings here. Incredible old architecture.

One of the most bizzare events of the trip ocurred at Heathrow Airport in London. They made me go through immigration/customs to check one of my two carry-on bags and then when I tried to check back in told me I had to wait an hour because I was too early... anyways, nobody's interested in travel woes... but as I'm waiting this hour, I go up to a coffee shop and log onto the Internet. About a half hour later this bald guy with tattoos on his arms who had been sitting at table nearby comes up to me and says, "Mate, do you know what day it is?" "Why, it's October 16, sir," I enthusiastically reply, but not really like that. I say something along the lines of "I think it's the 16th, let me look it up." And then I do and confirm it and he's messing around with his watch. And then he says, get this, "what month is it?" What month is it? Who the fuck doesn't know what month it is? And this guy was in the airport, and he didn't look homeless. I immediately began getting suspicious, but still haven't figured out what his game was. I told him, he thanked me, seemed to set his watch, and carry on his merry way. "What month is it?"



darrell said...

Homeless guy? more like someone suffering from jet lag!

Stan Langerhaus said...

Ralph, give my regards to Milan Kundera if you happen to see him there. He is probably wearing a beret.

Jim Lichtenwalter said...

Post a couple of pics if you get a chance. The part about having a beer under the heat lamps sounds awesome! Toast one for me!

Ralph said...

Yes, we will have more beers tonight. Actually went to a Pilsner Urqal (is that how you spell it) bar today. Reminded me a bit of the Irish Bar Molly Brannigans that we have in town here, but instead of Irish food, we had sausage and cheese, (one of our crew had rabbit), which seem to be staples here. Stan, didn't see Milan, but there was a lot of Kahfka stuff. I'm going to try and post some pics, including one of a cool Kahfka statue... as far as "jet lag," I don't know, that would be a pretty bad case. Maybe he was coming back from the moon?


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