Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Post Birth

Okay, so Andrew is here and we are starting to get settled in. Pretty exciting stuff. We've had about 100 visitors in the past week, so that's been pretty hectic. Maggie's been trying to get some rest, but she's a pretty social person, so there's been some balancing there. For my part, I have bunkered down in Ralph's Place - the basement, a bit more than usual, having a couple drinks at the bar and playing some ABPA baseball with my son, while my daughter, Mariah, plays around with the toys down there. Hopefully, this gives Mom some quiet time...

One new thing we've been doing is watching the reruns, of the HBO show, The Wire. Fascinating show about (at least in Season One) a group of Baltimore police trying to bust up a drug ring in the projects. It was recommended by one of my favoriate columnists, the Sports Guy, and unlike the last video I rented on his recommendation, The Ancorman, the Wire has delivered. We've watched the first five episodes so far, and there very entertaining on several levels. You've got the whole entertaining police things going, some solid production work, a good story, and some urban culture stuff. It's good because appeals to both Maggie and I and there aren't too many shows that do that. Generally, I avoid police dramas, but this show hits many points of life and expands beyond its police/crime pacakaging. Don't know what we're going to do after we finish up with season 1, but for now, because the baby oddly likes to stay awake between about 9 .m. and 1 a.m. - perfect for the bar scene later in life I guess - the Wire is making good filler for us.

I've also watched a couple of Bills games this year and listened to one. Although Red on his radio show yesterday said he was impressed, I unfortunately am not. They laid a big egg vs. the Jets, despite outgaining them all over the field. However, as we've seen for years, moving the ball between the 20s does no one any good in the long run. You've got to punch it in.



DocTorDee said...

The Vikes and Bills played similar games last week. They both outplayed their opponents (particularly in terms of yards gained), and they both lost.

One of them has to get a W this week.

What's the spread?


DocTorDee said...

I just checked it. Buffalo is giving the Vikes one point, probably due to home turf advantage.

Ralph said...

Gawd, I hope the Vikes have a better team than the Bills. Didn't they almost make the playoffs last year? Bills were like 5-11 and I don't think they've gotten significantly better. Well, maybe this home turf thing will help although it sure didn't help vs. the Jets. Kind of wierd that you'd be looking forward to getting a team called the Vikings outdoors so they'd have to deal with the elements. You guys need to do something about that. Is Bud Grant still alive?

DocTorDee said...

I know, I know. It was a day of great sadness when the Vikes moved inside that stupid dome.

I can remember when the Dolphins would come up there---and the Cowboys---and the Vikings would grind them all into the frozen turf.

Alan Page, Carl Eller, Jim Marshall...those were the good old days.