Monday, September 04, 2006

Labor Day

Happy holiday everybody. Sure, summer seems to have crashed and burned, but that hasn't stopped me from having a great Labor Day weekend - even though I am laboring a bit in the office today - such are the sacrifices we make sometimes to run our own business. Work on off days, but still, it's worth it to be able to take off from work days when you really need to.

Like to sent a special shout out to a couple Ralph's Place regulars who hosted outstanding soirees over the weekend. Stan, you the man. Tremendous amounts of copious (tremendous amounts and copious mean the same thing I think) wine drinking Friday night, great conversation flowing just like the magic nectar of the grapes pouring into the cups around the table... Also, Big Jim threw a nice cookout yesterday. Great ribs and then a tremendous bonfire talkfest to finish the night off. Heard a tremendous story about a killer (literally) running a Chinese masseuse parlor somewhere in Mars, PA. Good times all around.

Weather looks like it's shaping up a bit, but then more showers. Oh well, it was a good, if abbreviated, summer.




Stan Langerhaus said...

Ralph, I'm glad that you and the family could make it. We should do it more often.

Jim Lichtenwalter said...


It was like a little bit of heaven. Everybody was happy and in good spirits. The only problem was that it had to come to an end. This was a taste of our true life to come after this life.


DocTorDee said...

Jeepers, I feel left out... :(

Feel free to notify the Good Doctor next time, if the timing is right and the situation allows.