Saturday, September 16, 2006

Baby Drew

HAPPY Birthday Big Boy!

This is our baby. Born yesterday. Pretty exciting. Everything went well. Mom in hosptial recovering. I'm headed down to see them.




Stan Langerhaus said...

Congrats Ralph and Maggie! He looks like his mama. What size did he come in at?

Tell Mags that we wish her a speedy recuperation.

TC said...

Nice Job StuX!

Craig Carneval born 9/7 and now Drew follows suit. Maybe they'll hook up down the line for wings, Milwaukee's Best, trips to Lighthouse Beach,and hopefully JC Martin will be around for teeing it.

Good time of year to have a kid. Now, if only the NFL Network can still be accessed. That makes for great viewing at 2AM feedings.


TC, Janice, and Craig

Darren said...

Congrats Ralph & Maggie!!!
Boy, girl, boy....girl? Too early to think about that, eh? Both of you try to get some rest before he comes home. Talk to you soon.


Ralph said...

Actually, we brought little Drew home today. Beautiful day for coming home. He's a big boy, eating like a horse. I told Coach B. the other day, I think I've got a left tackle here.

DocTorDee said...

Congratulations, Ralph! Give my best to Maggie.

How are Joseph and Mariah doing? Joseph has been through this before, but I'll bet Mariah doesn't quite know what to make of all this wonderful fuss...


Ralph said...

Mariah's doing very well with the baby, less well on school. Seems totally comfortbale helping out with bambino, but gets scared poopless everytime we cross the threshold into preschool

Jim Lichtenwalter said...

Ralph, I am sad to say that she deffinetely has the Mahoney Curse... Social Anxiety strikes again...