Tuesday, July 25, 2006


Looks like we're headed down to the Liberty Amphitheatre tonight for the Yardbirds show - part of the 8 Great Tuesdays events that the Port Authority puts on. I've been attending these things with my family for the past couple years and they have been really a lot of fun. We missed the first two this year because of baseball commitments and looks like we'll miss next week's as well, but the Yardbirds seem pretty solid. Someone told me only the drummer remains from the original band; not sure what that means, as that was a long time ago, and I thought John Bonham, of Zeppelin fame was the Yardbirds drummer for awhile. He, of course, is dead. People like Jimmy Page, Eric Clapton, and Jeff Beck all played in the 'Birds at one time, and I even think Zeppelin was initially called the New Yardbirds. Now that I think of it, Bonham was introduced to Page by Plant, so maybe, Page was in the old Yardbirds and they had a different drummer. For some reason, the only Yardbirds song that keeps running through my head of "For Your Love" - at least I think that's them. Let's hope the T-showers hold off, but it is looking pretty good out now.

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Ralph said...

Just as a follow-up, Yardbirds did rock last night. Played a lot of heavy blues/rock stuff and sounded good. Couple drummers, harmonica player, solid singer... Plus, the park was packed. Our estimates were around 7,000 people.. Finally, hats off to EMTA, which does a great job with the shuttle service. After the show, we took our time packing up and ended up at the end of a line that had at least a couple hundred people in it. We figured we were in for a long wait. But within 10 minutes 4 busses had shown up and loaded everyone and we were on our way to our car.