Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Night rain

The rain is coming down. It's a soft, dark, night rain. Running slowly, gently soaking and soothing firm soil. Softening and loosening. Washing clean sweat, replacing it with fresh water. Cleaning, soaking, baptizing, rebirthing bodies, launching my soul into the stars, where it falls back down in millions of little drops. Did you ever stretch your arms out in a cold night rain, lightening flashing high up? Calling to the heavens and asking why, did you put me here? This small little body amongst these great powers. Feeling soaked. Feeling washed. Feeling naked as the power if it all overcomes you? Have you turned your palm up and allowed the water to soak in? Held yourself open to it all. And washed your brain, all the way through, in the rain, at night, like morning dew, but faster, overcoming you like a river raging down. Keeping your head above the current and bobbing as you flow, with the stream, through the grass, little rivulets run in the night rain, seeking low ground, where they settle and seep in. And me smiling as it washes is all away.


Stan Langerhaus said...

Well said Ralph. Now get inside, you're getting soaked.

Ralph said...

Soaked, yes. Went through that again Sunday morning during my golf round. Got in three holes, got soaked, walked in, had a couple drinks, got soaked, and went back out and baked myself dry in the heat. Pretty good therapy.

Jim Lichtenwalter said...

Pretty intense Ralph!! I was caught up in the moment and felt that I was actually there!! Good job!

DocTorDee said...

Contending directly with the elementals...it's the only way to live.


Ralph said...

Dr. Dee:

Contending and/or embracing, like a good fight after which you hug your opponent.