Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Hot Daze; Cold Beers

It was pretty humid yesterday. I had to recut my back lawn because of a stupid error when setting the height on the lawnmower last week - I thought I had it on the second-from-the-lowest, but really had it on the second-from-highest. When I got done, I felt like I had jumped in the lake there was so much sweat on me. And my lawn is covered in shade in the evening, so I thought it would be cooler!

Speaking of the lake, we went to the beach on Sunday. We got there before 11 a.m. - the beach we were at didn't officially open for swimming until noon (meaning that's when the lifeguard shows up), but we still got like the last picnic table. I wish I had brought my camera, because looking north? down the beach (toward gull point), it was quite a site of colorfully clad people enjoying Presque Isle. On the way out, I remarked that it may have been the most people I have ever seen down there on a non-holiday- as every parking spot was taken. Of course, I didn't realize that like four beaches were closed due to e-coli.

Good story in today's paper about putting together a commission to determine the exact cause of the recent increase in e-coli at the beaches. I'm guessisg it has something to do with global warming, but at least hope there are some tactical steps we can take to protect our water. Sure, as Al Gore will tell you, the earth is going to hell, but let's at least enjoy our beaches for a few more years. I came across this AP photo in Sunday's paper and it made me realize how lucky we are to have our beach.

Finally, last night one of my buddies picked me up, wanting to head out for "a cold beer." We thought about Wild Cards, but determined it would be too cold in there to start with. We stopped in the Plymouth - too crowded. We ended up at my old home - the 'Slider. Been awhile since I've hung out there. Ice cold dollar Labbatt's in the bottle. It's always been hard to beat the 'Slider.




Jim Lichtenwalter said...

Ralph, I had to cut my yard at 8:00 last night it was so hot. Around 9:00 p.m. most of the neighbors were out and about taking in the somewhat cooler temps. It was a good night to enjoy a cold Yuengling last night!

Stan Langerhaus said...

R, peep this...http://www.theonion.com/content/node/50814