Monday, July 17, 2006

National Geographic Offers World Music Online

National Geographic now offers world music online. Check it out.



Ralph said...

Dr. Dee:
Having a bit of trouble getting that site to work for me. I can find artist discriptions, but then not link to their music... On an unrelated note - are you familiar with the Da Vinci code story line? If not, I think you might find it pretty startling - at least the first eighth or so made me think of your interests in pagans and goddess worship.



DocTorDee said...

The NGeo site, although fairly comprehensive, is not entirely complete. In other words, you have to poke around a little bit. Try to follow the Staff Picks.

I was able to listen to quite a few songs...

As for DaVinci Code, I actually wrote a review of the book for The Chancellor last year. Yes, the resurrection of the sacred feminine is very important for Western religion, because you can't have the yang without the yin.

And the resurrection of the sacred feminine is what this is all much if not more so than the question of whether or not Christ was married (he probably was as most Jewish men of the time were expected to marry and have children).

As a sidenote, I can remember studying DaVinci's Last supper in Catholic grade school. I asked the teacher "Who is the woman next to Jesus?"

And she told me "He is John the Younger...his looks were very feminine." [As if these characters actually posed for DaVinci! That's a good one,huh?]

Anyway, I was never satisfied with that answer, so it makes more sense to me now...DaVinci was either playing a joke or sending a message, thus the code.


DocTorDee said...

I checked the NGeo site again and it seems to be down. Check it again sometime.


Ralph said...

Got it on the NGeo site. It looks good but the back-end is not totally integrtated yet. I'll need to read further into the novel before commenting further on it. I'm glad you read it, however, as I would say, it jives with a lot of your direction.