Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Bills-Vikings Recap; World Series Starts Tonight

Haven't had a chance to post lately. Been caught up with such things as educating my kids on Batman - both the TV Series, which is currently running on IFC and Frank Miller's origins story, trying to finish Malcolm Gladwell's fascinating David and Goliath book, and, of course, my day job.

I did, as usual find time to watch Sunday's game vs. Dr. D's Vikings, which the Bills famously pulled out 17-16 on a last-second TD pass to superstar Sammy Watkins. That TD was preceded by two other incredible completions, one on a 4th-and-20, while the Bills were rushing to get the play off to save time, and the other a 28-yard pass to the half-yard line to UFA Chris Hogan (from his Wikipedia page: "He played college football for one season at Monmouth after graduating from Penn State in 2010 on a lacrosse scholarship.), on the second-to-last play of the game to set up the TD.

Kyle Orton was very good on this last drive-after the Bills offense had struggled most of the game. One difference between Orton and E.J. Manuel is that Orton is much less afraid to take chances. And this certainly results in screw-ups, including a costly interception and fumble vs. the Vikings, but the upside is what happened on that last drive.

This on-target ESPN blog post kind of sums up my feelings about the state of the team right now.

 The win was sort of an inverse of the Lions win from a couple weeks back. While the Lions did a great job giving the Bills the opportunity to win that game, the Bills gave the Vikings every opportunity on Sunday with four costly turnovers. But in the end, I guess the Vikings didn't want the win bad enough - of course it helps to have Sammy Watkins on our side.

For the second out of three games, the rookie wideout dominated play when the Bills had the ball, finishing with 9 catches for 122 yards and two TDs. He did similar work against the Lions - after the Bills mysteriously threw to him only three times against the Patriots two weeks ago. Okay, former all-world corner Darrell Revis was covering Watkins- so maybe the game plan was not so mysterious - but as I had said previously, Stevie always had success vs. Revis, so why were we so scared of him? (Maybe cuz Marrone is only in his second year and Revis played for Tampa last year, so he missed all that Stevie success?)

Biggest pause in the Vikings game had to be our sloppy run defense. Even without the legendary AP, Vikings gashed us for 158 yards on 29 carries, averaging 5.4 a tote. Good thing Teddy Bridewater struggled to throw effectively, especially early on.

Also, World Series starts tonight in KC. Do you realize that the betting underdog has won every series so far in this year's postseason? That means Giants should take the Series.


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