Monday, October 27, 2014

Bills Take Easy Win from Jets

Best thing about yesterday's game - it was over 50 seconds into the fourth quarter when the Bills went up 37-17, thanks mostly to the sixth Jet turnover of the day - and I could go outside and enjoy the rest of a beautiful afternoon  I hate to say that about a game where we stomped somebody and it probably should be a cause for celebration - but it really wasn't that exciting of a game. Most exciting play was the should've-been 89-yard TD pass to rookie sensation Sammy Watkins who decided he was going to start celebrating at the 10-yardline and got tackled from behind.

Some offensive stats from the game:
  • Bills had 12 first downs
  • Bills averaged 2.1 yards per carry on 32 rushing attempts
  • Kyle Orton dropped back to pass 21 times and was sacked 4 times.
  • Kyle Orton also threw 4 TD passes - and two long completions to Watkins
  • Bills had 15 drives, with 12 of them going 4 plays or less, and 7 plays being the longest drive
  • Bills scored 43 points
  • Jets had 6 turnovers, Bills had none
  • Geno Smith threw 3 interceptions on first eight passes, while completing 2 passes to Jets receivers
  • Michael Vick, called on to replace Smith after his atrocious start, fumbled 4 times, losing two of them.

Yes, this game was even uglier than last week's win over the Vikings, but maybe not as ugly as the win at the Lions. The Bills are certainly becoming masters as winning ugly, but there were some encouraging signs yesterday"
  • Watkins was a monster once again - only 3 catches, but for 150-plus yards, and should've been two TDs
  • Game plan seemed to work, both offensively an defensively. 
  • Offense wasn't very aggressive, but it was almost like once Bills realized how bad the Jets offensive was against our D, we just packed it in, played conservatively and it worked to the tune of 43 points
  • Defense had some trouble once Vick was inserted - to be fair I doubt they prepared for him - but seemed to make the necessary adjustments at halftime to keep him in the pocket and really render him ineffective after that. Hats off to Jim Schwartz
  • Rex Ryan should probably be fired after his team was embarrassed so badly at home, and I think Bills should take some credit for that.
Bye week next Sunday. Try and do some mid-season evaluation.

In the meantime, enjoy the World Series. Giants lead 3-2, but going to be a challenge to close it out. Going back to KC and starting two pitchers who were fairly ineffective vs. Royals first time around. Should be fun!

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