Thursday, October 02, 2014

A.L. Divisional Series Picks

Giants sure made me look good yesterday, as the game played out pretty close to what I predicted. Unfortunately, for non-Giants fans, it just wasn't as close as I had expected. The Giants playoff experience shined through-with the whole team looking non-plussed while stomping the Pirates. Just another game for a team that has won two of the past four World Series.

On to prognostications for the A.L. Divisional Series, which begin tonight. I think it is going to be the Tigers over the Orioles and the Angels over the Royals. Basically, I'm going to the well once again and basing my picks on playoff experience. Tigers have been a fixture in the postseason over the past several years and were in the World Series as recently as two years ago vs. the Giants. Royals, well they just ended like a million year playoff drought.

While the Angels haven't been in the playoffs in a couple years, they have Albert Pujos and David Freese playing the corners - two gentlemen who were instrumental in the Cardinals World Championship in 2011 and I fully expect them to set the tone for the team. On top, of that the Angels have the best player in baseball in Mike Trout making his first postseason appearance. Based on what we've seen out of Trout during his first three regular seasons, I have no reason to expect anything less than excellence in this series. Orioles are a great story, play with great fire, but Buck Showalter has never managed a team to a Major League postseason series victory and unfortunately (as I like rooting for the guy), I don't expect that to change this year vs. a Mike Socioscia-led squad that appears to have more horses. Somehow managed to bullocks that bit up.

I will save my N.L. Divisional picks for tomorrow.

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