Monday, October 26, 2009

Winning Ugly

There's something to be said for it, I guess. The Bills pulled off their second ugly win in a row, after a few ugly losses to move to 3-4. They were outgained like 3-to-1, but managed a couple big plays and three interceptions. The Bills, under Jauron, have a history of pulling out ugly wins, so maybe that's just his coaching style. Eventually, bad football usually catches up to us, but maybe - and I always say this before getting disappointed - we can keep this up.... Bills' game, of course, was quite a contrast to the great Steelers-Vikes game that preceded it here on local TV.

As for the Yankees, last night's game was a real stress-test and the Yankees, as has been their wont over history, outlasted the Angels. There has been a lot of talk about how good the young Yankees bullpen was during the regular season, but I really didn't expect it to hold up in postseason- and for the most part it hasn't. It was interesting that Girardi went with the more-tested Joba Chamberlain to get some key seventh inning outs last night and then bypassed Phil Hughes entirely. When it came down to it, it was Pettite and Rivera who did the pitching last night and Damon and A-Rod who were the big hitters. Jeter had a really bad game, but not quite as bad as the Angels, who completely fell apart in the eighth inning trying to make plays on bunts.

Phils-Yanks should be fun.



Anonymous said...

I know that you enjoy the Yankees, and I'm happy for you. I really am, especially since you're also a Bills fan. You deserve it.

But I can't escape the feeling that these baseball playoffs are nothing but a big joke. I mean, the Yankees basically have an all-star team, and that takes the suspense out of it for me.

Of course the Yankees were going to beat the Angels. Did anyone really think differently? I couldn't even bring myself to watch the games because they seemed so the SeaWolves beating up a high school team.

I hope, for the sake of baseball, that the Yankees/Philles series is worth watching. I just can't escape the feeling that the Yanks, with their $209,081,579 payroll, will eventually wear out the Phils, with their paltry $98,269,881 payroll.

Steelers/Vikings was definitely one of the most entertaining games of the year. Both teams fought hard and the Steeler Defense--once again--led them to victory.

Ralph said...

Yes, the Steeler D has been one of the great constants in my lifetime. As for the Yanks, they have had an outrageous payroll for the past five years as well, but haven't made the playoffs. You still need to play the games no matter how much money you make. A-Rod, for example, often regarded as baseball's best regular season player, has been utterly miserable in the playoffs until this year - when he's been awesome. He's been DiMaggio- (aka god-)like so far, and for me, that transformation has been fun to watch. God bless Kate Hudson. And, also, don't forget that in addition to being a Bills fan, I'm a Clippers fan... (see today's post).

Anonymous said...

Buffalo Braves, baby! Bob McAdoo and Randy Smith! Woohoo!