Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Clippers' jinx continues

Can there be any question that the L.A. Clippers are cursed? I've been a fan since I saw Bob McAdoo lead the NBA in scoring for the Buffalo Braves back in 1974 (I was seven.). The team has since relocated to San Diego, then L.A. - and after making a number of dumb trades while in Buffalo - sending away the likes McAdoo, Moses Malone, and Adrian Dantley, it has been beset by injuries since moving out to the west coast. Signing the already injured Bill Walton in the late '70s started this trend. The most memorable injuries for me were Ron Harper's blowing-out his knee after we stole him from the Cavs for Danny Ferry, and Danny Manning's blown out knee shortly after he proved he was the best college player in the nation by single-handedly leading Kansas to the national championship and we made him the number one pick in the draft. Now, we receive news that this year's top pick, All-American power forward Blake Griffin broke his kneecap in our last preseason game.... When will it end?


Anonymous said...

Ye gods.

The should probably move that franchise out of LA to break the curse. The Clippers just can't function in the long shadow cast by the Lakers.

What city needs an NBA franchise?

Think they'd support a team in Kentucky? Maybe Louisville or Lexington?

Ralph said...

Yeah, but then you'd have to have all ex-Wildcat players and it could get messy. The whole Charlotte, NC pro-franchise thing has never really worked out.

I agree, however, that being second fiddle to the Lakers sucks. However, I'll also note that we didn't have much better luck in San Diego.