Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Whippy Dip

Very unique place, I think. Something very Erie about it. One of those few places where you get a great cross-section of the city's population. It's on 26th and Chestnut, just west of St. Vincent's, so it's fairly accessible. And the ice cream and selection is killer.

Last night my son said, I don't know what to get. I asked him, "what do you want? chances are they have it." We ended up getting a blue raspberry freeze-floats - like a Mr. Misty with ice cream. You can't imagine how good this was after a two and a half hour little league game in 80 degree weather, with the sun shining in our dugout the whole time and the water spigots not yet turned on.

We ate our treats on a bench facing the Erie Cemetery and watched the steady flow of customers streaming in. You had everything from conservative just-past-middle-aged empty nesters out for a cone to fat chicks with belly piercings toting their brood, and about everything in between.

Everybody loves the Whippy Dip.


Anonymous said...

Erie Cemetary is a great place to walk, especially on a beautiful fall day.

It's good to pay homage to our ancestors , as well.

Ralph said...

Cemetery walking was a big thing when I lived in Greenville- even though there was plenty of other green space. Reminded me of the old Simon Garfunkel song - "Nothin' but the dead, are dying back in my little town." Anyway, Erie Cemetery seems like a beautiful and peaceful place.