Friday, April 10, 2009

Jesus Christ Superstar

Much worse things you could do to celebrate Easter than watch the 1973 movie version of this rock opera (it's on Hulu). I'm still kind of baffled that the musical score doesn't get more acclaim. I'm still fascinated by it, and I've heard it like 20 times at least. I think it does a great job humanizing Jesus - almost better than anything else I've ever seen. Of course, it does this by also humanizing Judas, which makes for a great counterbalance. And yes, the movie was made in 1973, so maybe that's why I connect with it so much.




Anonymous said...

Ian Gillan, lead singer for Deep Purple, played the role of Jesus on the record album. He's terrific.

Ralph said...

Yes, the album and movie have two different soundtracks. The album is superior, but Judas remains outstanding in the movie.