Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Brett Favre Soap Opera

This is getting ridiculous. I've said all along that the Packers should just release/trade Favre and let him play where he wants/may. It's simple, the greatest quarterback of his generation wants to play some more 'ball. The Packers have moved on, because they really weren't sure how much longer Favre was going to play, and they had to make long-term plans. Let him go. There are plenty of teams out there that could use him, because they don't have a good QB plan in place, and I'm quite certain that the fans would like to see the guy play some more. It's good karma to let him play...

Now, on top of that, Favre comes out and insults the Packers GM Ted Thompson several times in this press conference. If I'm Thompson, and I've got any balls, I'm trading Favre to a division rival like the Vikings or Bears and then having at him twice a year with the team I've built. Like saying, "Bring it on, Brett, let's see what you got." It's come down to who's bigger, the Packers or Brett Favre. And if I'm Thompson, I better have enough confidence that it's the Pack.

That's about the way that I see it.




Milton Friedman said...

I don't understand Favre's position here. He retired. He is getting paid $12MM/per year for the next two years depite not playing (at least that is what I thought I heard). Now that the pre-season is getting back in his blood he is remorseful of his decision.

He is, I believe under contract. So the Packers own him right now. I think that I heard that he could possibly walk the sideline and carry a clipboard and send in signals to the starter. But I don't think that will work for him or the Packers coaches/management. So what do the owners do here?

It does not seem unreasonable for the Packers to say that they have his reputation to protect just as much as he does. maybe they still want to sell jerseys and posters. I really don't know, but that is what I guess. Also, for those of us who have ever signed a non-compete to get our jobs, we know that leaving our company to compete against it without their permission is part of the deal we made when we took the job (and the money).

So Farve regrets his decision. Maybe he has a few more years in him. IMO he should just stay retired. Look at Elway now and you see a QB who stayed in too long. He walks like Frankenstein's Monster.

But if he is really jonesing for a game and he feels like he is getting screwed (despite getting millions for sitting on his couch), maybe he should see if Packers will let him play in the CFL.

Ralph said...


I don't believe Favre is making any money for being retired. He may have some deferred payments, but he'd probably get those if he played or not. As for Elway, even if he can't walk, he did win two Super Bowls in his last two years, including that great win against Green Bay where he had that diving fist down run when he got flipped on his head. If he can't walk right because he played those extra two years, I'm guessing he still wouldn't trade those Super Bowl rings for a little more mobility. I mean that secured his legacy. He's now the king...

As for Favre... the dude obviously wants to play football, and I don't think money is the factor. He's kind of a crazy mo'fucker, always has been... Ship him out, let him sling it someplace else. You got to move on.