Friday, July 25, 2008

Little League Showdown

We've been waiting a long time for tonight's game. No, I'm not talking about the big Joba-Beckett match-up at Fenway Park. I'm talking about the big 1B Erie Sports Store vs. Hagan's Business Machine match-up at 21st and Burst. Good luck Sports Store.

Sports Store is the team I coach. It's 8- and 9-year old baseball, so it's no big deal, really - except it's kind of fun. We've been battling back and forth with Hagan's for two years and now we're both tied for first with three games left. This was supposed to be the last game of the regular season, but some rainouts have extended us into next week.

At the beginning of the year, we knew Hagan's would be good, and we hoped our team would be good, so we kind of had this one circled as a potential big game. We've played three times so far, with Hagan's winning the first, us tying the second, and Sports Store pulling out the last game, a few weeks back.

Well, tonight's the rubber match if you will. As I said, it should be fun.




Stan Langerhaus said...

Who won?

DrD said...

Yes, we need the update.


Ralph said...

We got killed. Final was like 13-6 or something. One of those games where they did everything right, and we were a little flat and couldn't catch a break. Was really proud that our kids never quit and even had their "rally caps" on despite a 10-run deficit heading into the bottom of the last inning, where we managed to string together three runs and leave the bases loaded. It boded well for the future.

We have two games this week and then play a second-third place playoff game on Saturday (tentatively) to get a best-of-three rematch with Hagan's. I'll keep you posted.

Dr. D- Nice picture update.