Monday, January 21, 2008

Championship Sunday

Congratulations to the Patriots and Giants on fine wins yesterday, catapulting themselves into the Super Bowl - to be held in two weeks in Phoenix. The Pats proved they deserved to be undefeated with their style of win. All season, they relied on the pass. However, yesterday, as it often does in the postseason, the passing game disappeared. Weather, nerves, who knows what causes it, but we saw it happen to the Colts last year and now the Pats this year. And both teams were able to persevere with strong and timely defense, as well as a running game. Versatility is what it often takes to win an NFL championship - and the Patriots, who have won a few championships in the past, realize this, which is why they are able to adjust. Their line has been given accolades all year for its pass blocking, but yesterday was able to put its hard hats on, drive forward, and create holes for Lawrence Maroney when it needed to. The Chargers, alas, were trading field goals for TDs, and through three quarters, even though they had won the battle, were losing the war.... And, the Patriots of course have proven they are a fourth quarter team.

The Pack, well, I kind of felt they were somewhat smoke and mirrors all season, and yesterday, they just went up in smoke - or the foggy breath of everyone at Lambeau Field. I am looking somewhat forward to this Giants-Pats rematch because it was such a great game the first time, although I think the Pats proved they were a better team, if only slightly. This game (the Super Bowl) will be on a neutral site in warm weather and should play right into the Pats' hands.




Richard Fitzwell said...

I thought they were both decent games. Unfortunately, the Bolts were hampered by the injuries to its best players. I agree that the Pats are a 4th quarter team. Never seen a team that gets its opponents to fold in the 4th as much as the Pats have this season.

You think the G-men have any chance at all? I bet SB XLII is over V minutes into the IInd quarter.


Ralph said...


I don't know, it's been the Pats pattern recently to keep teams around until the 4th quarter before stepping on their throats-as a result, they've had a tough time covering the spread.