Monday, January 07, 2008

American Gladiators

Had a nasty cold - or something- that took me out of commission for most of the weekend. My brother-in-law is a D.O., and he's a big proponent of hip, back, and neck alignment. I've adopted his thinking on this and spent the weekend stretching out. I'm feeling a lot better today, as I think I've straightened some things out, but still have a bit of a head cold.

Anyhow, in my relaxed state, I was able to enjoy a couple hours of the new American Gladiators show last night. It's an amped up edition of the show I used to enjoy back in high school, when it first came out. Boy, is the new show cheesy, but I guess the 80's one was too - which is/was part of the charm. Of course, in the '80s everything else was cheesy too, so it may have been less noticable then.

Hulk Hogan is the host of this new version, and he has kind of an odd way of talking and moving his hands, that almost makes him look like he's computer-generated. I guess steroid-generated is close enough. There's a second episode on tonight. I'm thinking it will be more entertaining than the BCS championship game, or whatever it's called.



Oh yeah, Danny Carr - is that the name of the guy from Erie who invented Gladiators? - rocks!.


Stan Langerhaus said...

R, how was the second night? Any better than the first? Do you think that Senator Mitchell will need to be called in to investigate HGH and steroid use in American Gladiator?

Ralph said...

I think steroid use by the Gladiators is allowed and maybe even encouraged. Both nights were highly entertaining, family fun. Last night the kids were playing "American Gladiators" in the living room...