Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Super Bowl Picks

OK, Ralph, it's time to go on record with your Super Bowl picks for 2006-2007.

It’s a tough call for me because I haven’t seen many teams play (other than Pittsburgh).

In the NFC, I’ll pick New Orleans. Chicago is tough, and should make it to the NFC Championship Game, but Rex Grossman makes key mistakes...he's sort of the Vinny Testaverde of The Midway.

Other NFC wannabes: Philly, Dallas, and Seattle, are all inconsistent. So, I’ll pick Chicago and New Orleans in the NFC Championship with New Orleans going to the Super Bowl on the last-minute heroics of Drew Brees.

In the AFC, I like San Diego. Although I’ve only seen them play once, LT seems very good. Plus, SD is 10-2 in the AFC! That's pretty impressive.

At the same time, New England--with Tom Brady and Bill Belicheck--are always tough at playoff time. Baltimore has the defense to win the Super Bowl while Indy does not, but can the Ravens score enough points? The AFC is more difficult to call than the NFC....better teams.

My final word on the AFC? I’ll say San Diego and Baltimore in the AFC Championship and San Diego going to the Super Bowl.

Super Bowl pick: San Diego beats New Orleans 31-17.

Now that I've put the hex on them, they'll probably both lose in the first round...



Ralph said...

I think Baltimore is a slam dunk in the AFC, only because I'm counting on Marty's typical playoff meltdown to sink S.D. Also, Baltimore is playing really well right now - not that S.D. isn't - but Marty, plus a first-year quarterback, it might be too much to overcome. Baltimore, or whoever comes out of the AFC should also win the Super Bowl, unless someone in the NFC gets really hot. The Eagles are probably the hottest of the NFC playoff teams, but they can't really stop the run, so I'm not sure they can get past the Tiki Barber-led Giants in the first round. I guess, even though the Bears are playing sucky right now, I like them to emerge from the NFC, based primarily on home field advantage and the hope that Lovie's D will step it up when they need to. SuperBowl XLI or whatever it is - Baltimore 24, Chicago 10. How's that sound.

DocTorDee said...

Chicago and Baltimore are the two best defensive teams, as far as I can tell. And they say defense wins championships, so you're in good shape there.

By the way, you're not the first person to say that Marty Schott is a loser. I didn't even realize he coached the Chargers...shows you how much I know about sports.

Maybe he'll win this year...

It'll be fun no matter what.