Saturday, January 13, 2007

Al Shugart

Just to get back to Big Al for a minutue, who Dr. Dee eugligized last month. Here's a great article from his local rag in Santa Cruz that kinda sums up his life and times. There are some great lines in here:

"When Seagate company policy banned smoking indoors, Shugart would go outside and chat with fellow smokers, some of whom had no idea he was the CEO."

"In 1996, Watkins, working at Conner Peripherals, opposed Seagate's acquisition of the company. He planned to bail out of the post-merger firm and lined up a job at Maxtor, a Seagate competitor. When Shugart found out, he arranged for a conversation and showed up in bellbottoms, red socks and sandals. Shugart didn't ask Watkins to stay, but Watkins canceled his move to Maxtor to work for Shugart."

"He left every day for work before 6 a.m. driving from his home in Pebble Beach, saying someone had to make the coffee."

It's not wonder the guy the guy was named the "Most Admired Man in the Industy" by DataStorage six times. I'd say "rest in peace," but I'm not sure Al would want total peace.



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