Tuesday, January 16, 2007

NFL Playoffs


Well, it looks like we both got knocked out last weekend. Baltimore and SD both lost. Of the two, the SD loss was particularly disappointing. The Chargers were not prepared for that game...and I can see why people label Schottenheimer as a "loser." His players repeatedly gave the game away.

I'm no pro football coach, but I can tell you that if I'm up against Bill Bellicheck, I'm going to go into the game with an Eastsider mentality. In other words, I would assume that the Pats are not going to be easily conquered. Therefore, every play would be contested and every advantage maximized. The Chargers, however, played like they were going to have a hundred chances at everything.

A muffed punt that the returner tried to pick up instead of just covering? Not against New England in the playoffs...they made him pay.

An interception that turned into a fumble because the interceptor tried to run directly into traffic? Not against New England in the playoffs...they made him pay. He should have focused on protecting the ball, and not on making a big return.

In my opinion, the Chargers should have won that game easily. They certainly had the chances and the talent.

However, it appears that coaching was the biggest problem. SD was not ready to beat Bellicheck and the Pats, so they didn't.

As for the Baltimore Browns, I was glad to see them lose. They are a Steeler arch-nemesis, so fuck them.



Stan Langerhaus said...

I agree Doctor with you. I couldn't care less about the 4 remaining teams. However, it looks like the Saints are the team that is hitting on all cylinders.

Trisha said...

I am ticled pink that the Colts are still in it!

As for the Saints, they were my pick from the beginning of the year to go to the SB. My dad will probably disown me for rooting for them againt the Bears (growing up 90 minutes from Chicago, they were more the "home team" (in our area, anyway) than the Colts).

As for the Pats, we're lucky we're playing them on our home turf AND that we have Bob Sanders back. If ever there was a pivital game for Manning, this is it. What better story than to get to his first SB through his arch-nemesis, Tom Brady?

Ralph said...

Trisha: I hope you put some money down in Vegas on that Saints' pick. The odds on a Saint's title at the beginning of the year had to be astronomical. However, with Sunday's weather forecast calling for 30 degrees and cold, I think the Saints' great run may be coming to an end. As for the other game...Stan, how could you not care about a Colts vs. Patriots match-up? Brady vs. Manning is one of the great QB rivalries of our time. The curious thing is that Manning has once again stunk it up in the playoffs, but the Colts', led by homie Bob Sanders, have been winning with D - just like Tony Dungy used to do in Tampa Bay. No way that can hold up against Brady and the Pats. Dr. Dee, as for the Chargers effort against the Pats - Belichick is an East Sider. Who else would show up for games with such a sour/serious look on his face dressed like he just came out of the Salvation Army store, even though he's a multi-millionaire. No, doomsday is always just around the corner for Coach B. - and his teams play like there is not tomorrow. The Chargers on the other hand, played like the bunch of thugs that they are. Don't get me wrong, thuggery is a great way to win football games, it just comes up short - sometimes - in championship settings. Remember Miami vs. Penn State in about 1985?

Also, for whatever reason, Marty is cursed. People often said he was too conservative; now you're making it sound like he took too many chances. He just can't win in the playoffs.

In Marty's defense, the Chargers have come a long way in his tenure as coach, and he deserves at least one more shot. However, because his team is basically composed of thugs (aside from L.T.), it will likely implode by the end of next year. The Chargers probably need a real dickhead to come in and force them to quit messing around. Too bad Belichick is already gainfully employed.


DocTorDee said...

To clarify: I am not suggesting that Schott TOOK too many chances.

I am suggesting that his team played like a team with UNLIMITED chances (more of a laid back Westside/WestCoast attitude).

I agree with you that Bellicheck is the Eastsider. That's why you have to assume the same attitude in order to face his teams. His players are going to fight and scratch for every advantage, whereas Marty's players seemed to think that every day would be sunny and 72 dergees.

Funny how that works, eh?

Ralph said...

Got it. I guess Boston's location on the East Coast, makes it the ultimate East Side as well. Whereas, San Diego, surprise, surprise, sits on the Pacific.