Friday, June 16, 2006

Today's news

Just wanted to point out that I loved two stories in today's Times News. The first has to do with the state asking Erie County and prioritize the projects it is asking for money for. A lot of the controversy seems to involve the $7 million budget over run on the convention center project. Now, I was never a big proponent of this convention center. However, as the weather is shaping up here - I can see why someone would want to have a convention in Erie. And, if we get that runway project completed, then maybe we're on to something - at least for the three months out of the year that it's beautiful. But, for this thing to be successful, I think we need the parking ramp. It comes back to the "bird in the hand being worth two in the bush" saying - and I think Convention Center Authority chief Roger Richards alludes to this. Let's take the money and do the Convention Center right before chasing after other projects. Granted, one of those projects is the airport runway, which, as I said is, inexorably connected to the Convention Center's success, so let's not put that by the wayside. But, this Gannon technology incubator. Wouldn't that be competing with the eBizITPA organization that we already have? Let's keep our focus here.

One other comment on the Convention Center over run: It does seem that prices for building materials are up all over, so I giving the Authority the benefit of the doubt on that one.

The second story I really enjoyed was the one where Joe Sinnott refuses to extend the loan period for this Herbert Fliss juice plant guy. From what I understand, this guy really screwed the former owners of the Midway driving range on East 12th and then deserted the spot as a site for his plant. He is also being sued by some other city I think. He's got some issues and God bless Joe for not putting up with his B.S. anymore. Hopefully, we get the money back. I also hope Fliss eventually builds his plant in Lake City, but we shall see.



DocTorDee said...

Good commentary on both topics. The Juice Guy doesn't seem like the "get 'er done" type, does he?


Ralph said...

I'm not sure what his game is. I hope he's getting something done, whether it's legal or not, I'm not sure.

Ralph said...

Today's news make it look like Fiss is going through with his plans for Lake City