Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Roethsliberger Update

The following is an audio update on Big Ben's condition from a doctor at Mercy Hospital (source: Pittsburgh Post-Gazette).



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Ralph said...

Glad to hear Ben's brain is functioning "normally." Did anyone read today's Erie paper, which discussed how this Roethlesberger accident is bringing back discussion about manadatory helmet laws. It seems almost everyone is blasting Ben for not wearing a helmet. Sure, it's an easy shot to take, but as we discussed yesterday Dr. Dee, sometimes the secure path is really the insecure one. There was one dissenting viewpoint expressed apparently by a motorcycle rider, which said that a helment would not have protected Roethlesberger's jaw and a face shield may have shattered and caused further damage. Now, I'm not saying helmets are bad, but really, how much protection do they provide. Riding a bike is dangerous period, mainly because of the existance of cars on the same roadways.