Monday, January 05, 2015

One Point in Favor of Doug Marrone

Although, he did preside over the Bills first winning season in a long time, I have not been too shy about my criticism of Doug Marrone. Not that he reads my blog, but it seems the poor guy doesn't take media criticism very well. That is his prerogative of course, but it is also one of the reasons I think he'll have a tough time lasting as a head coach in the NFL. I think media criticism is part of the gig and you have to either learn to ignore it (Belichick) or embrace it (Rex Ryan).

Anyhow, if I'm going to criticize Marrone for stuff like being way to conservative on fourth down, I should probably praise him when he does something I agree with. And his apparent stance on the Sammy Watkins trade is certainly something I agree with. Once again, I want to point out that I think Watkins is a great player and in a bubble could certainly be worth giving up two first round picks (this year's and last) for. But, the Bills don't exist in a bubble. The problem from the start was that we didn't have a QB that I felt would be able to take full advantage of Watkins' skills.

Well, apparently Marrone felt similarly. From ESPN, "Marrone was not in favor of Buffalo surrendering a future first-round pick to the Cleveland Browns in a trade that did not involve a quarterback, sources said." If this is accurate, it would seem GM Doug Whaley is to be blamed for the misplaced faith in EJ Manuel heading into this year, which seriously retarded (and I don't mean mentally disabled) our development. This excellent article by the Buffalo News' Jerry Sullivan will give you some idea of the sorry shape the Bills' front office is currently in following the rift between Marrone and Whaley, with the new owners, the Pegulas, left holding the bag (which unfortunately is kind of like the flaming bag of shit you leave on someone's doorstep as a joke).

The Bills certainly have their work cut out for them and are reportedly interviewing almost a dozen head coaching candidates, which seems like way too many. Hopefully, something works out here and somewhat quickly.

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