Thursday, January 01, 2015

Marrone, Orton Gone; Things Looking Up

As you may have heard (I initially missed the news as I was busy with New Year's Eve Party prep), Doug Marrone has resigned as coach of the Bills. This came a couple days after stating QB Kyle Orton retired. You might think I'd be bothered, as we just had our first winning season  in awhile and have seemingly lost two key pieces of our organization. Well, bully on that. I think those two guys are the primary reason we only went 9-7, and not at least 10-6.

Marrone seems to have made a smart decision, as, due to a unique change-of-ownership clause in his contract, he gets his $4M 2015 salary whether he coaches the team or not. Rumors have him going to the Jets, where we will theoretically be paying him to try and beat us. And this year espeically, we played great against the Jets so I can see why they would be interested, but in the long run I think they will be disappointed.

Bills could promote Jim Schwartz, whose D was awesome this year, but I think he already proved to be a disastrous head coach with Lions and I wouldn't be in any hurry to change things up on the defensive side anyhow. No, we need help on offense, so let's bring in ex-Bills back QB par excellent Frank Reich, who was OC for Chargers last year. Rumors are Polian is coming back as advisor/czar, so it would be reunion of sorts.

Happy New Year and things already looking up for Bills in 2015!

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