Monday, June 22, 2009

Tiger Grinding

I love to watch Tiger Woods golf... and I've probably said this before, because he never quits. I think he was down more than 10 strokes in this year's U.S. Open, and instead of mailing it in, he just keeps grinding - trying to make shots. He just made a birdie to go to one under on like the 14th - putting himself under part (at 1 under) for the first time in the tourney. He's still four off the lead with a handful of holes to play, but he gave it a big fist pump, like he had just taken the lead. He's clearly not giving up - which is why he gives people their money's worth, which is why we love him. Go Tigger!


Anonymous said...

I've never seen him quit.

And it is precisely this mentality---constantly rehearsing as though the next shot was life or death---is what gives him the edge in head-to-head competition.

He'll be back soon enough, never fear.

DIReditor said...

Yeah, another top 10 finish in a major - ho-hum for Tiger, but a cause for celebration for most guys.