Thursday, February 05, 2009

Beer in Brussels

Yes, I was buying beer from a man Brussels, but he certainly wasn't six-foot-four... Anyhow, they have an intesting way of serving their suds. Like other European countries I've been to, the draught beer is extremely fresh, so most people drink it, unlike the U.S., where bottles seem to be the preferred medium. Between me and the guy I was drinking with, we tried about five different beers, and each of them was served to us in a different shaped glass - with the logo of the bier on it. And this wasn't in some hoyty-toytee tourist trap, it was a local pub that my friend took me to. Reminded me of a bigger city/European version of the Greengarten Tavern.

I just thought that it was interesting that apparently to help you fully enjoy your beir, they serve different kinds in different style glasses... Yeah, I guess they take their beir seriously over there. However, I'm not quite sure about their entertainment industry. I was there for a conference, and some ex-New York City kid actually attempted to entertain us on stage by doing a serious imitation of Michael Jackson's Billy Jean dance. Yeah, he was good, but it's really not 1989 anymore and Michael Jackson is known child-molester. I felt like I was watching O.J. highlights or something.


Stan Langerhaus said...

Sweet Ralph. Next time tell me when you are heading transatlantic. We should try to hook up.

Ralph said...

Yes, this was supposed to be a very short trip (three nights - the first on the plane), but was extended a day because of US Air mechanical problems (something new, huh?). Anyhow, it was a last minute thing, but next time I am planning something in advance, I'll tag you in. As I said, tickets were going for like $600.