Monday, January 05, 2009

Wii fun

Whatever anyone says about the Wii and how cool it is and how much fun... is likely right. I generally don't like video games, because you're pretty much just using your hands and eyes, but you can really get a good workout with the Wii. And it's very easy to do. Not a lot of buttons to learn and press. My son got one for his birthday with the sports package, and we've been having great fun with it. And, I'll admit I'm a little sore today.




Amy said...

We got the Wii for Christmas after never having any video game system. It's so much fun! Even my husband likes to play, and he's never been into video games. I found a few cheap games at WalMart and so far there's more than enough to keep us busy. One of these days soon I definitely want to get a WiiFit.

Ralph said...

I think I menionted the sports package came with ours and even wihthout the dedicated sports controllers, it's very easy to do, loads of fun, and a surprisingly good workout.