Thursday, August 31, 2006

Thoughts on Iran

Yes, like Senor Ralph, I have taken some time away from blogging during the summer months. It's just too nice in Erie during the summer to sit inside and blog.

There is a lot happening (as always) and I'm ready to get started on a number of blog projects. I watched Mike Wallace's interview with the president of Iran the other day and the Iranian president strikes me as a thoughtful and reasonable guy. I rather liked him. He called for peaceful outcomes, he called for dialogue, he said he wants his people to prosper.

As far as I could tell, he wasn't Satan, but to hear it from the Bush Team, this guy is the devil himself. He is part of the "Axis of Evil." But he didn't strike me as an "evil" guy. He wasn't calling for the destruction of America (as some are in the region).

This is the same guy who recently sent a letter to Bush asking for a dialogue, and Bush wiped his ass with it. Now, we have Iran developing nuclear capability and WE DON'T EVEN HAVE A DIPLOMATIC CONNECTION TO IRAN. We aren't even talking to Iran...we haven't talked to Iran in 30 years. What kind of leadership is that? We need a leader who can rise above that kind of crap and bring some big ideas into play.

In truth, we need a leader who can unify the Arab world and the Western world. It will happen some day, but not under the current regime. Bush doesn't even talk about peace...ever.

What has happened to diplomacy? What's the harm in talking? Oh yes, Arabs are all evil. And talking to them would send the "wrong message." Huh? Talking is rhetoric and rhetoric has long been used to avert disaster. But Bush is not much of a rhetorician. He doesn't know the tricks. He doesn't have the magic. He just wants to shoot first and ask questions later. A child's strategy...

So, instead of NEGOTIATING and using DIPLOMACY to avert disaster, we just want to preserve our delusion that all Arabs are evil...all Arabs are fascists...all Arabs are the enemy of America. That enables us to kill them more rapidly and with greater fervor. God help our children. We are not giving them much to work with.

And make no mistake, we kill Arabs. Under the current rubric, we need to kill them before they kill us. So, I guess we should just get used to it. Kill 'em all and let God sort 'em out.

Carry on.



DocTorDee said...

I watched Bush last night, trying to sell his war in Iraq.

All he does is talk wonder other countries see the US as belligerent bullies. He's basically afraid that Iran will strike out against him and the interests of his cronies; that's why he wants to prevent Iran from having "nucular" weaponry.

As a result of his inability to negotiate---and his wanton ability to punish and attack---Americans around the world are more in jeopardy than ever before.

But it's never going to change, unless there is some kind of cataclysm.

Ralph said...

Yes, this is a bit of conundrum - is that how's that's spelled. I guess I can understand where Bush is coming from with his lack of trust for Arabs. I mean, for the most part of what I've seen, they don't have a lot of positive stuff to say about the U.S. So, it's probably good that we have some fear there, but as you suggest, Dr. Dee, we need someone to rise above this fear and unite the two worlds. I'm guessing, for the most part, Arabs have leaders similar in constitution to Bush that are also incapable of this "unite" ideology. Then again, if a ruler is put in place by a mandate of the people, and the leader is just reflecting the will of the people, well, you know...