Friday, August 11, 2006

Browns' Town

I went down to Andy's Pub last night to catch the end of the Yankees game on ESPN. As it turned out there was an hour-and-a-half rain delay, so I would have caught a lot more than the end, I guess. By the way the Yankees lost 5-4 on another A-Rod throwing error. He's doing his best to turn into the next Steve Sax, Chuck Knoblauch, let's hope it doesn't happen. Anyways, that's not my point. My point is I didn't get to watch anyof the game because I walked into Andy's and was greeted by about 100 Browns fans and 50 TV sets, 47 of which were tuned to the Browns/Eagles preseason game. The other three had on the Rams/Colts game. There was no baseball to be had. This is Western PA and this is football country. I was half afraid that if I asked the bar tender to turn on the Yankees game on one small TV set above the bar, I'd get my face smashed in my some fellow in a Michael Dean Perry, or Bernie Kosar jersey. Yeah, the Browns stink, but people still love them. (Also, can you imagine two more diametically opposed franchises than the Browns and the Yankees? I had on a Yankees t-shirt and was kind of nervous I was going to get punched out just for that.) When I got there, it was like 20 to nothing (Eagles) with the scrubs in the game in the final two minutes - and, as I said, the place was packed. I can't even imagine what it looked like at kick-off. And this is the preseason!

I had one overpriced beer, watched the Browns third-string QB throw a PD pass against the Eagles' fourth-string D and walked home. It was a beautiful summer night for a walk - even if it's perpetually football season in these parts.

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