Monday, October 26, 2015

BIlls-Jags Yahoo! Experience

Read a lot about the Bills-Jags being streamed by Yahoo!, the first time any game was carried exclusively like that live to an international audience. Our regular Bills crew (three families) watched it at our house. Biggest complaint by the masses, at least according to Peter King in his always excellent Monday Morning Quarterback column, was that people were complaining they couldn't watch it on their big screens.

After some serious tinkering, I was able to get the game to stream on both my flat screens. On one I used my Chromecast - although I had to download a Chrome plug-in first, and into the other I plugged an HDMI cable. Somehow though, late in the first half, the larger screen, which was running the Chromecast, started stalling out-  there may have been too many people on the network - then it got behind, and we were never able to catch up. We ended up watching the second half on the smaller TV perched on the kitchen counter, checking the larger screen in the living room for instant replays. So, my only  complaint would be lack of a fast-forward button that would have enabled our larger screen to catch up.

It was fun, however (at least to me), setting the whole thing up and then being able to serve and eat breakfast during the game. This left the rest of the day, which turned out to be beautiful, free to do things like play whiffle ball and rake leaves.

As for the game, yeah, the Bills lost to the miserable Jaguars. And, yes, EJ gave the game way early before contributing to/leading (sort of) a comeback in the second half that briefly gave us the lead, before the defense collapsed again. But, it was an entertaining game, and since I wasn't betting on it, what am I really trying to get out of pro football anyhow?



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