Tuesday, July 07, 2015

Summer in Erie...

is way different than winter (Thanks, Captain Obvious).

Scenes from last night:

  • A mid-afternoon thunderstorm
  • that when it lifts, leaves a hazy humidity that makes that first beer go down so quickly.
  • That beer is drank during a lazy bocce game in a league that I play in where everyone else is drinking and people are having cigarettes "to keep the bugs away."
  • A puddle in the batter's box that makes our Little League game unplayable, 
  • forcing us to reschedule for another night when rain will also likely make it unplayable.
  • A hopeful backlog of make-up games that will clearly never be able to be completed,
  • compounded by a shooting death of a boy who is related to one of the coaches in our league (very sad).
  • Driving my son across town to his practice for another team he plays on, when realizing on the way that I can now play in the bocce match I thought I'd miss, because I don't have to coach the practice.
  • My wife grumbling as she drops me off at bocce, thinking we were going to have beers on a patio or walk on the beach while my son practiced.
  • Her heading out for ice cream with her sister and my son after practice,
  • while I pick up my daughter and head up to my bocce teammate's house for a dip in his pool following our match - celebrating our first win of the season!
  • First saying hi to the neighbors who are sitting in a driveway drinking and playing with kids.
  • Diving under the water for a refreshing swim and taking a swig of my beer after I come up.
  • Sitting around a fire after our swim telling stories and roasting hot dogs.
  • Realizing it's 11:30 and we all need to get up the next morning!

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