Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Bills in Danger of Alienating Fans

First they trade Kiko Alonso, then rumors pop up that Fred Jackson could be following him out of town? Are you  kidding me? These are probably Bills' fans two favorite players. Running them out of town smacks of hubris. Sure, Rex wants to bring his own people, but at what cost to fan loyalty? I supposed if the Bills win, everyone will forget, but we've always thought Kiko and Freddie were the type of guys you win with!

I hate to say it, but the Bills recent slew of transactions is reminding me of when Pegula took over the Sabres a few years back and immediately starting "upgrading" things. We all know how this turned out - and if you don't, suffice to say the Sabres have the worst record in the NHL right now (and did last year) and are currently the leaders in the Connor McDavid derby. So, there's that. 

I'm not a big fan of the new McCoy contract - too much money for a running back, and now that Mike Iupati has reportedly signed with the Cardinals, it seems questionable that we're going to get the offensive line help that we need for Shady to be truly effective. Yes, I like the Hughes re-signing, and don't disagree with the decision to let Searcy leave. But, I really didn't quite understand the interest in Bilal Powell, who has apparently decided to stay with the Jets. Powell is a running back and special teams player - a roll I thought was filled by Boobie Dixon quite well last year, and with McCoy just brought in and Jackson already on the roster (not to mention Bryce Brown - who I thought was pretty good when he played last year, which admittedly wasn't much), it seems we were focusing way to much on the RB position, while the OL needs desperately to be addressed. Plus, it seemed to be squeezing out Freddie, which you would think would be a big no-no for anyone familiar with the Bills and how much he has done for the team over the past five-plus years.

Then, there is a visit by Percy Harvin? Could you imagine of the Bills let Freddie leave and replaced him on roster with Harvin? Could that possibly be good from a karma/morale standpoint?

I think the Bills are messing with fire here and these moves could end up extending our playoff drought another 5 years, as we still need some talent on OL, long-tern contracts are loading up, and we're messin with chemistry/team make-up stuff. Hopefully Ryan doesn't end up leaving behind a steaming pile like what they have in New York right now, and Pegula doesn't end up cleaning up another mess.

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