Wednesday, September 10, 2014

What 1973 Was Like

So, one of the running themes for this blog (at least a little while back) was my affinity for the year 1973, which is when my memory pretty much dates back to. I turned six that year and I remember O.J. rushing for 2,000 yards, the A's winning the World Series, Watergate, Secretariat winning the Triple Crown, and probably more. I really enjoyed the U.S. version of the TV series, Life on Mars, for example, which involved the main character being transported back to some version of 1973 - when he was also a little kid, but in this version he is also an adult.

Anyhow, something I wonder about is how my vision of the world and life has been shaped by coming of age in that seminal (for me at least) year. Well, here's an honest-to-God quote I came across in a book I am reading about the early-to-mid 1970s Texas Rangers baseball team. "The so-called hippie attitude was reaching its zenith in 1973 and, although the lens on my retrospective processes might be a trifle blurred, it seemed then tat almost everyone tended to agree that life was too short and therefore should be enjoyed to the maximum extent." (The author goes on to contrast that to the 90's attitude of fear and today says wellness is considered on par with godliness.)

I'm not sure, but I think that might say a lot about why I live life like I do.



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