Monday, August 18, 2014

Great Bukowski quote on women & relationships

This is one I hadn't come across before. From his collection of short stories "Tales of Ordinary Madness." I had never read this one before and checked it out recently as an electronic resource from the Erie County Public Library, which is a pretty cool process in itself. I check it out as a Kindle book and it took me to the Amazon page, which enabled the book to be delivered directly to my Kindle Reader.

Anyhow, here's the quote, which is from the story "Would You Suggest Writing as a Career?" "Christ, there were women everywhere and half of them looked good enough to fuck, and there was nothing you could do - just look at them. Who'd ever devised such as awful trick?...Which one did you pick? Which one picked you? It didn't matter and it was all so sad. (Editorial comment by RG: A very Kouacian move, invoking 'sadenss'.) And when the picks were made, it never worked, it never worked for anybody, no matter what they said."

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