Monday, January 13, 2014

Somewhat Tragic, Ironic Marathoner Story

Sad story here, but somewhat ironic as well I guess. It seems this 84-year-old woman died a day after completing the New York City marathon in November. She was even interviewed by Al Roker on the day she died. She apparently fell, hit her head, had it bandaged and then finished the race. Doesn't exactly say why she died - but basically, she went to bed with a bump on her head...alright, I know this is not supposed to be funny.

So, is this a tragic or a glorious end, or a tragic-glorious way to die? Apparently, she loved running. From a 2008 interview, post NYC Marathon, " “When I crossed that finish line in Central Park, I just knew this is what I would do the rest of my life,” [Joy] Johnson said. “Running makes you feel good. It’s energizing."

So, if it's true that dying doing something you love is the best way to go, it seems like she went out well. Something I've always thought about since my father in law died of a heart attack playing tennis a few years back. 

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