Friday, June 25, 2010

Wimbledon: Longest Match follow-up

This one is for anyone that has ever been dog tired. Dude played an 11-hour match with a 138-game fifth set over the past two days and then got creamed in his second-round match today.

Some of my favorite lines from the AP story:

"Isner had no aces after hitting a record 112 [in the marathon match] against Mahut. 'I've never been this exhausted before," Isner said. "Mentally and physically, I was obviously a bit drained. I just didn't have much in the way of my legs. I was just low on fuel out there. Didn't really have a chance.'

"Isner received a standing ovation when he walked onto court. He immediately lost his serve -- something that didn't happen once in his 70-68 fifth set against Mahut. 'The turnaround time -- he just didn't have enough time to get his body right,' said Isner's coach, Craig Boynton. 'He's one tired boy.'

"Isner didn't warm up before taking the court and showed up unshaven. 'It was brutal,' Isner said. 'Things were looking pretty bleak right from the get-go.'

All in good fun, of course...


stan langerhaus said...

Tennis is one thing, but i wonder if he has the intestinal fortitude to raise a family under the marxist policies of chairman obama?

(Sorry about that, i thought i was posting to hill street blog. Anyway, nice to hear from you again R. I should be in your neck of the woods in a couple weeks. I'll ping you when I get in.)

Ralph said...

Yes, this neck of the woods is wonderful this time of year...