Thursday, August 13, 2009

Bronson Arroyo- outspoken pitcher

Yes, it's still baseball season - even if most NW PA people are more excited that football is just around the corner. Let's not forget the pennant races (actually "divisional and wild card races" is more correct these days. My Yankees are red hot, which is nice, although the thinness of the pitching staff may be starting to catch up with them.

One of the rumored guys that they were going to pick up, but haven't yet (maybe he'll clear waivers) is Bronson Arroyo of the Reds. I have a friend who is a Bosox fan and rues the day they traded his favorite player to the Reds for the forgettable Wily Mo Pena. I never really understood his attraction to Arroyo who is a bit of a flake, but a decent-to-good pitcher nonetheless. However, today I read this great interview with the guy. He really tells it like is regarding performance enhancers. Go Bronson. You've earned a fan of this former sportwriter who knows how hard it is to get athletes to say interesting shit.


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