Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Is Kathy D a millionaire?

Yesterday, I posted a comment on Erie Blogs, in which I probably, unjustifiably, took at least one crack at Phat Phil's weight. And Heavy D (presumably not realted to Kathy) rightfully called me out for it, but still, for a guy his size to be preaching against walking and riding bikes, seems a bit, I don't know, ironic.

Anyhow, Heavy D did bring up the point about Dahlkemper not revealing her tax returns, which I've let pass by because I think her husband owns a business and lettng people pour through the returns may be a competitive disadvantage. Heavy D also says she has 12 acres with a lake view? Is this true? Not that it should matter, but for some reason, perhaps her work with Frontier Park, I was under the impression she lived in the Frontier area. Anyhow, if all this money was earned through valid landscaping work, god bless big Chuck and Dan and whoever made this thing roll. But, if there are some questionable contracts and potential political favors going on... let's hear about it.



Melissa said...

I'd say it's best to leave the weight comment at "ironic" as you did. I know it's a sensitive issue, but I still feel that was a terrible and damaging move by his campaign to attack bikes and walking. From someone who does use them as viable transportation, I've learned to laugh off the "naysayers" like English.

I've heard Dahlkemper lives in the Frontier area with lakefront property, but as to sketchy favors or incorrect tax returns...Haven't heard any of it. I'd say the both of them (English and Dahlkemper) have no room to talk regarding wealth. They both have it. That's pretty clear.

Ralph said...

Yes, it certainly was a nice day to walk to the polls. I wonder if Phil drove his SUV. I guess it's not surprising he's in favor of drilling the U.S. dry.

I didn't say anything about incorrect tax returns, just trying to come up with a reason as to why she didn't make her returns public. I voted for her anyway...

Anonymous said...

English talks about KD, the millionaire like it's something to be ashamed of. They have a business, they have made money, good for them. We had a business and you work your ass off.