Thursday, July 19, 2007


This is just plain silly.
I actually went to Starbucks today and grabbed a latte. As I've said before, the shit really works, especially when you haven't had it in awhile.
I find myself wondering, however, if Google is not the next Starbucks. (Because I've written "Google" in this blog, will it be passed by someone at Google for perusa? "Google for purusal." I like that.) You know, something that started out pretty cool, and still has some good product, but just got so big that it's Quality (as in the Zen in the Art of Motorcycle sense-I mean to reread that book again this summer) control could just not be maintained, and it got kind of bland and diluted, in a least-common-denominator sort of way. But the stuff still works, if you can channel in.

Coffee talk, hah, hah...


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