Tuesday, August 19, 2008

The wacky MTR ride

From a story in today's Times-News:
"Dunlavey, commenting on the developments in the lawsuit, said "it gets curioser and curioser."

And this isn't even Summit's lawsuit against the County. This is a different lawsuit that involves Nick Scott, Lenny Ambrose, Greg Rubino, and Dunlavey. When you throw in the Filippi trial, this the third high-profile court case that MTR has spawned in the past three years. At least we've got Marjorie Diehl and the pizza bomber thing to add some balance to our local court coverage.

Here's the working title for my book on the MTR thing: What Happens When You Bring Legal Gambling To A Small Town With A Long History Of Corrupt Government - or maybe that's too long and should be the subhead.

Of course, if we can only tie MTR in with this story about the LECOM student who was attempting to import a woman from New Zealand and her four-year-old daughter to start a family of sex slaves.... I mean this Internet thing is responsible for a lot of bizarre shit, and this clearly ranks up there with all of them.

Here's an excerpt from the story:
"The FBI said Slokum provided a series of e-mails and computer chats to back her claims, including a "spreadsheet/timeline" in which Noyes outlined a plan to start a "family" or "society" of female sex slaves.

The FBI obtained Slokum's identity. In an interview, she told investigators that she began dating Noyes in January after she posted an ad on a Web site, www.collarme.com, which concerns bondage, dominance, sadism, and masochism.

She said that Noyes told her he had a long-term plan to create a family of female sex slaves. He wanted to buy a farm or an island to house the society."

Enough said, I think.



Susie Q said...

That is an incredible story. I wonder what his MCAT scores were.

Anyway, why is he worried about going to jail? Seems that he will be involved in being a sex slave in a different position....

Anyway again, the MTR story is also interesting. Seems like the chickens have come home to roost. I wonder if the ETN will do some of their crackshot investigation into this matter.

Kind of doubt it though.

DrD said...

Yup, he's going to the right place to pursue the sex slave thing...iron bars and everything, probably someone ready to get medieval on his ass.

When are these guys going to learn to stay away from the kiddy porn? I mean, I'm not even sure he'd be going to jail for the sex slave thing---but possession of kiddy porn will send you away for the rest of your life.


DrD said...
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DrD said...

Maybe I'm wrong, but I don't believe a word that comes out of Greg Rubino's mouth.

There was an article in the Times-News today about the tire plant. The only person who seems to be in favor of it is Rubino (and the people who want to build the plant).

I think Rubino should pitch his idea for a tire-burning plant to the people in Millcreek, see how that works out. Or, better yet, Fairview.

Where does he live, anyway? If he wants it so bad, he should build it close to his house.

But something tells me he doesn't live on the Lower East Side.

They should build the fucking thing our on Tamarac Lane, as far as I'm concerned. Do you think he'd go for that? Not for a minute. He's trying to shit on East Siders to make his money.

He's only interested in lining his pockets at the expense of people who are less powerful.


Ralph said...


From what I understand, the area where Rubino wants to build this plant is zoned for heavy industry. I'm not sure what the zoning laws are in the Millcreek/Fairview areas you talked about. And not to shit on Eastsiders in favor of Rubino, but is there tire gassification/burning plant going to be any worse than Hammermill, which was in operation when many of the people in that area bought their houses? I'm just sayin...


DrD said...

That's the whole point, EastSiders don't want another Hammermill...and neither would you if you lived on the East Side.

It's easy for WestSiders to stand back, look at the East Side and say "Tough shit, that's what it's zoned for."

True enough, but GAF is zoned for heavy industry too, but I bet they don't approve a heavy polluter on the bayfront, next to the Convention Center. You bet your ass that it will be re-zoned.

And the street I was talking about is next to Rubino's house. Clearly not zoned for heavy industry; however, the farmlands across Route Five from his house could certainly be re-zoned for such purposed, if the people want it so badly.


Ralph said...

Sorry to offend you eastside sensibilities, but I guess my point is that most people bought their houses there when Hammermill was in full stink mode, so they were planning on living with the pollution anyhow. It wasn't like the zoning was changed and they were bushwacked or anything. And then I don't remember too many people celebrating when the 'Mill closed down...

DrD said...

Plenty of people celebrated when the Mill closed down. I can give you names.

True, many people lost jobs, but most of them retrained and admitted that they were better off in the long run (I speak from experience because I worked with many of them at MNE).

Visible tumors on the fish, Ralph, that's the legacy of Hammermill...and closed beaches on the Lower East Side.

Anyway, it looks like the tire plant might not be able to get their hands on 30 million tires per year. Some say it's "impossible".

They should go back to the drawing board on this. Sounds unfeasible and unwanted.


Ralph said...

All right. I guess I just never heard as much animosity directed toward the 'Mill as I've heard toward the tire gassification thing. Perhaps, everyone just figured they were stuck with it, but now that's its gone, they sure don't want something similar coming back.